Saturday, May 30, 2009

Something to sink my teeth into

As a Twilight fan, I'm always looking out for that next YA fantasy-romance that would peak my interest. Well, instead of craving for a book, I am thirsting for a TV series. From the novels written by L. J. Smith, comes the 'riveting' new CW series "The Vampire Diaries"

It looks promising to me. Though when I learned about this series and this show, I wondered how they were going to stretch it out. A TV show has to be able to capture the audience's attention every episode. I'm not saying that it has to be filled with action and romance all the time but if you don't want low ratings...

Twilight was successful as a movie and people were saying that they should have made Twilight into a TV show. I love Twilight and all but I know what's good for TV and Twilight stands by itself in the movie world but more so as a book on shelves in bookstores.

But we shall see what all the hype about this series is all about. Who knows, maybe I'll decide to read the books.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Artist of the Month {Thriving Ivory}

Who is Thriving Ivory?

Thriving Ivory is a rock band hailing from Santa Barbara who use simple but powerful lyrics augmented by mellow guitars and keyboards to create their unique sound.

What do you like about them?

Well, for one thing, Clayton's voice is so different and unique and I can really find solace in the songs. They make me think and sway at the same time. And I can really really sing along to them. They are just really an awesome band.

How did you discover them?

I'm always on the look out for new music, well new as in, music I haven't heard before. Back in 2008 they came to Pittsburgh and I really didn't pay them any mind until now but I wish I had because I could have went to their concert, but I was on YouTube just looking up stuff and I came across them.

Why are they the Artist of the Month?

Well, there was certainly a lot of competition, you know, with Green Day, which is On Demand's Artist of the Month. Green Day is another great band but I think that Thriving Ivory is one of those bands that will always be fresh, no matter how many songs they throw out. They have raw talent and they're are not flashy. They just really bring a certain class to the rock world.

Who is your favorite member?

I will have to say Clayton. I've watched a few of their web chats and he's really just laid back, you can tell that at least, and he has a really amazing voice.

Who would you have picked for Artist of the Month?

Arid, definitely, Arid. They're a Belgian rock band that not a lot of people seem to know about. They're amazing and I would have picked them if I wasn't so much in awe with Thriving Ivory.

What makes them unique?

As a writer, I love artist who can write their own songs. In other words, I hate studio owned singers and bands. If you can't write your own songs, you're not a true artist. Thriving Ivory writes about things people can relate to and their band name is pretty awesome as well.

Do you know who next month's AOM is going to be?

No, I have no clue but it's going to be hard picking them, seeing as though Thriving Ivory is a really great band and June is actually a really special month because my birthday is on June 21st.

What are your favorite songs by Thriving Ivory?

Yes, that is a really good question. My favorite songs would have to be Day of Rain, Twilight, and Angels on the Moon. There are some more like Overrated and Runaway that are just amazing. But basically those first three are my favorite.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Alec Lane

Okay, I have an addiction. Well, it's nothing too serious, but it's getting ridiculous now. I always fantasize about my book getting published and becoming a movie. I mean, that would so awesome. Especially since I believe, I know that my novel has potential...well it would if I didn't stop procrastinating.

Well, anyways, this particular post is dedicated to Alec. I just saw these pictures of Gaspard Ulliel and I'm like, yes, this is Alec.

Alec is a tortured soul, who could care less that girls love him because of his good looks. He's self-less but sometimes he can be quiet and dark and brooding. He doesn't have a lot of weaknesses or he does, it's just that no one knows them.

He is a shape-shifter, so really, he can look like anything but this his true form. I can imagine a scar running along his eye and a little stubble, but other than that, Gaspard is great for the part.

I think this pictures depict Alec's ability to think about things and to be sufficient in his loneliness. It embodies the essence of his pain and the inner anguish. Really, it's a great pic.

Monday, May 11, 2009

thunderstorms ruined our country

I blame a lot of people for a lot of things that happen in the world. Like I used to blame my cousin for the sky being blue (but that was when I was little and didn't know any better.) So, today, I will blame thunder for me not being able to finish editing chapter 1.

I told you that once I decided to go back to chapter 1 I wouldn't get past it. It's sad that I was right but at least I know myself. But this time around, I'm going to fight through it and hope that tomorrow will be a better day. (optimism is awesome!) Well anyways, I didn't right but I did think of a new scene and I also wrote down the summary for the plot to Metamorphosis. It's called Pandemonium.

There's really a good story behind the sequel to Metamorphosis. I was using the online thesaurus (it's my favorite website) when I needed another word for something, but I can't seem to remember what it was, and Pandemonium popped up. I really wasn't sure what Pandemonium meant so I looked it up the dictionary.

1. Pandemonium- the abode of all the demons.

Then it hit me. Demons. And after that, it was like magic or I don't know what to call it but it was like I knew what I needed to write about. Marsa's story is so complex, so adventurous and scary and wonderful that it needs to be continued. I just gotta finish writing Metamorphosis.

I bought The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the other day. I plan to watch tomorrow which is when I'm buying City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (finally!) Can't wait to start reading it!

Plus I've finished my Proof and now all I got to do is order it. So, all in all, things have been goin swell.

Oh and yeah, the next time our country slips into an economic depression, just know that thunderstorms ruined our country. True story.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I've come back bearing gifts

So, I have some great news. There's a writing contest (one that I am entering)

All you have to do is...well I'll let y'all read the rules because I'm not good at explaining things.


Ok, I have done one good deed for the day.

What has been up with me lately? Well, I've decided that I need to edit Chapter 1 now or at least while inspiration is still fresh in my mind. Plus, I think the whole Alec choking Marsa was way over the top.

I've decided to utilize my code or the prize I won for completing NaNoWriMo 2008 a.k.a Hell. The only thing good about it is that the cover is pretty and...yeah. But at least I'll get to see my name on something.

Mother's Day. Yeah, I don't know how that's gonna work out. My mom has to work but she still expects something and Sundays are my resting yeah. We shall see.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've had a revalation or is it more like an epiphany?

I really really really need to read The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. From time to time, I stalk...I mean...view author's websites/blogs just to see if they have any advice on how to finish a novel and all that jazz. By the way, if anyone needs some help writing their YA novel, she has a lot of links to websites that can help you with whatever you need help with. But anyways, she posted a deleted excerpt from City of Glass and it was phenomenal. (I've used that word twice today) I mean, the romance between Jace and Clary wow! And ooh I am literally jumping up and down because I still have money and I can buy it!

And for more good news, I finished the first draft of Chapter 1 for Metamorphosis! Yeah, I did that like last week but I'm just now getting to blog about it. It's solid but I already know what changes I want to make. Someone who critiqued it for me, said that I started off rough but as it progressed it got really strong. Which is good, because I know that I'm a good writer, I just suck at writing beginnings. (sorry for being acute arrogance but it's good to pat yourself on the back every once and a while)

I have the urge to add/take away a few things in Chapter 1 but I know if I submerge myself in editing now, I'll never finish this novel. So I'll just take notes on what I need to do and do it later. (yeah, like I'm sticking to that strategy)

The one weird thing about characters is, you don't have control of them. Even though you thought of them, once you constantly think about them, they start becoming real people. Writers are more like schizophrenics. We talk to/listen to/ hear our characters because it's important that we get the facts straight. Or else they'll send you to that special Hell....Writer's Block.

But anyways, my male counterpart, the amazing, glorious, self-centered, strict Guardian, Alec Lane a.k.a Vacilis, made his way into the first chapter, when I wasn't planning on introducing him till the third chapter. I mean, at the time, I didn't know how I was going to tie him into the story because he is a very very important character. He's also a love interest for Marsa, even though
she has a boyfriend or had...but you didn't hear that from me.

In this chapter, Alec ends up trying to choke Marsa to death in the hallway. Creepy, right? I thought it was ridiculous and we argued (Alec and I, that is) about why he did that. He's crazy but no, he's a nice guy once you get to know him or read about him.

I should be doing homework right now. I really should but I just don't feel like it. I definitely have to start this Civics Essay tomorrow. Or maybe, if I'm not tired, I might start it a few moments from now.

Speaking of deleted scenes, I have one! It was the beginning of Chapter 2 but I wrote it when I was half-alive and Marsa was screaming in my ears. We have a similar way of speaking but she's more sarcastic than I am. I think, she's probably the first character that I made up that is remniscent of me. But I laugh everytime I read this part and I'm just sorry it couldn't make the cut.

There were no windows or walls or floors. I was just floating into an abyss of empty blue sky. The clouds were white canvases and just beyond them were lights. Bright, endless lights. I stared at them, wondering if this was the tunnel that you went down before you died.
"Ah, she's up."
Was that the voice of God? I turned my head slightly, only to be met with two blue eyes and a wide smile. It was Nurse Jenny. She was a short old lady who looked and smelled like a grandmother. A sigh of relief left my lips. I wasn't dead. It smelled like antiseptic and it was extremely cold. As I rubbed my arms, the paper from the gurney crinkled underneath.
Everything started to come back to me in little snapshots. I remembered walking into Mr. Heder's class and then running out. My stomach was hurting and I was throwing up but I just couldn't remember what happened after that. When I tried to sit up, Nurse Jenny placed her hands on my shoulders, trying to keep me down.
"Marsa, I don't think it's a good idea for you to be moving so much," she said.
"I don't feel dizzy or...." and there he was. Standing there, like a statue of pure ease, was Alec. I remembered what happened now. He tried to kill me. He was choking me in the hallway, with this crazed look in his eyes. A look that was there now, except, instead of a smirk, he wore a snare that seemed to engulf his entire face.
"What is he doing here?" I asked, trying to shrug away from Nurse Jenny's hold. She looked at me as if I had just lost my mind. Did she not know that this guy, this psychopath, had just tried to kill me? Or was he holding her hostage? I gulped, waiting for an answer to my seemingly pointless question. He was obviously in here because the police would probably shoot him if he were to let us go.
"He's the one who found you passed out in the hallway. He brought you here," she replied.
I looked at her, wondering why she was lying to me. But her voice was lined with sincerity and she didn't stutter, so maybe this was what happened or...or maybe Alec brainwashed her.
"Yeah, you were pretty much out of it. You kept trying to hit me."
That look was still painted on his face, but his apparent anger was absent in his voice. He was a really good actor. But everyone would soon know what kind of game he was playing.
"Oh, so was I supposed to let you choke me to death?"
"What are you talking about?"
"You tried to kill me. That's what I'm talking about. You didn't tell Nurse Jenny that, now did you?"
"Dear, he only brought you to the infirmary. He didn't try to kill you..." Nurse Jenny started.
"You know what he tried to do to me in the hallway."

You gotta love Marsa.

(if you don't I'll cry and she'll shoot you. True story.)

Friday, May 1, 2009

the weather today is slightly sarcastic

Yes, I'm listening to Panic at the Disco, one of the most awesome bands in the world. I just bought their first record the other day. Now I have A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and Pretty. Odd. My mom gave me $100, which is good because I always seem to be broke except for maybe a penny in my piggy bank.

I've been having a tough week. I really don't even want to talk about it, not even here. I just hope I will be able to sort things out. Somehow.

I need to write. I haven't been writing and I entered all of these contests and I don't have a clue what my stories are going to be about. Metamorphosis is getting pretty dusty, all alone and ignored. Huh! I just can't seem to work up the strength to write.

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