Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am Writer...hear me type?

I have made progress. 485 words of progress, I am proud to say. Hey, you might not think it's a lot but I've been having writer's block. *cringe*

Hopefully, I churn out more.

The first time I tried to end my life, Death was there to stop me.

'Tis is the first sentence to Shadow. Isn't it lovely? I love it and the more I read it the more it's growing on me.

I can't wait to write Death into the story. He's desperate right now for his time to shine or do whatever he does. But he's going to make a suave entrance soon. Very soon.

I have made a playlist for my novel and I even have an epigraph! It's from the Bible. Everything is moving along so smoothly, well save for the few bumps in the road! But I'm making progress!


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