Monday, June 1, 2009

I am a poet, yeah I know it

His Soul, My Idolatry

By Raven M.

listen to my body's hymns

hear my heavy sighs,

touch my feeble limbs,

caress my aching thighs.

with your kiss, cleanse my skin

bathe every part of me in your love

forgive my every fault, my every sin

show me the spirit my heart

seems to be deprived of.

as we dance, our eyes grow weak,

the night spins round and round,

augmented by the prayers I speak,

as we lie down.

when I rest my head against your chest,

I breathe in the smell of your purity

knowing that like your soul, I am blessed

and that our love is beautiful, in all it's obscurity.

they say that a God's word is divine

if that is true, it is yours I whisper again and again

for when you say "I love you' heaven and earth intertwine

and as you fall to sleep, I whisper 'Amen'.


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