Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

This is yet another teaser from my NaNo novel Mirror, Mirror.

I looked at Low. I really looked at him. He had no rough edges, no imperfections. There weren't any frown lines on his face, or creases in his forehead. It was as if he had no worry in the world.

He squinted his eyes, as the sunlight fell over him. "That house just feels too much like a prison."

My heart stopped, but I didn't think about what Low just said, I just nodded. "I know, I know."

"That song I was singing, it's how I feel. I know we're apart of a family who loves us, who needs us but I just feel so..."


He smiled, softly. "Yeah."

"Someone once told me that I looked lost. I looked like I hadn't found myself yet. Maybe we're alone because we don't know who we are."

"Yet. We don't know who we are yet." Low paused, his eyes widening, his voice wistful. "Run away with me."

I blinked a couple of times, before my eyelids froze. I knew what he just said but I couldn't understand what he was saying. Run away with him? He wanted to leave. He wanted me to leave with him. It made no sense.

I shook my head.

"Kendall, I know it sounds crazy, but we can't stay here any longer." Low looked to the sky. "Every night I go to sleep and dream about a better life. A life with just you and me and..." He braced my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes, until he could see my soul. I didn't want this. I would never want this. He could see that. He frowned.

"Why?" I asked, my emotions erupting.

"Because...because I love you."

I shook away from him. "No you don't."

"Yes," he grabbed my arm, "Yes, I do. Kendall Elizabeth Ryan I love you."

I wanted to throw up. I wanted to wash my skin until his touch was gone from my skin.

"No you..." Something moved in my peripheral vision. It was blue blur. My heart turned to stone, and my eyes glazed over. Standing just ten feet away from us was a police officer.

He looked like the same one who took down Jax. I gulped. We couldn't get caught. We were supposed to be ghost, we didn't exist. If we got caught, our life as we knew it would be over.

"Low." I whispered, tears streaming down my face.

"Yes." His voice trembled. I've never heard him like this before. He was always so strong.

"If you trust me," I started. "If you love me, you'll run."

"What are you..."

"Run." I repeated, firmly.

He loved me. He ran.


Amna said...


Loved this :)

Kaitlin Ward said...

WTF kind of end is that to leave it on??
Awesome teaser!

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Oh this rocks! Tease!! I want to know what happens next :)

Paranormalchick said...

I agree with Steph!! Love this one!! Pure Awesomeness! WHAT is she??????? I read your Nano Novel info on Nano and I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Emilia Joyce Plater said...

Omg. Raven. Your writing is AMAZING. I cannot get over how amazing it is. The voice, the on-edge anticipation, and "He loved me. He ran."! Great teaser!

Mortem Twins said...
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Mortem Twins said...

OMG, this is eating my brains out. I really want to find out what she is!!! And the ending?!! Just shoot me now.

Sorry for being such a drama queen, but it's your fault for writing so well :D

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

Loved this. Really.

Especially the last line!!!

I wanna know what happens next :)

Amanda said...

Wow. I really like this! I want to know how it ends! The last line was probably my favorite.

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